Flying Field

The new flying strip is ready for use.

The new flying strip has been cut. It’s still a bit rough so take care with it but hopefully over the new few months we should be able to get it to a more usable state. It’s slightly closer to the gate than the old strip. See photo and once again please no cars to be taken over, leave them at the gate.

Updates will be posted asap.

The narrow Farm road leading to the site is used by horses, walkers and cyclists quite often on the wrong side of the road as well as frequent farm traffic so again we need to be careful driving along it so we don’t annoy anyone. PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY. When the summer growth of the hedgerows is high it means the farm road seems even narrower so please take extra care as there are a number of blind corners on the road.

In the winter access through the gate to get on the field is poor so take care. The gate area gets churned up with tractors etc. and there is little we can do, we don’t own the field and it would cost a small fortune to get hard standing big enough for the gate area and car parking even if the farmer was agreeable to this.

Please leave track and farm gates the way you found them and if any doubt leave them closed.

We have a walkway (about 100m long) from the car parking area on the left as you enter the field to the flying strip, you will struggle to see it from the road when the crops are high but it is there, please use it rather than flattening the farmers growing grass. NO cars are to be taken over to the flying strip, I know it’s tempting but we need the cars in the car park area. It won’t take much to churn up the field and we don’t want the farmer annoyed with us and risking losing the field

Can all flying take place with our backs to the Electricity Pylons. They are far enough away from us not to bother us however no one should be flying in the area between the gas pipe fenced enclosure behind the Pits area and the Pylons.

Animals – We have the horse paddock on the western side of our field and sometime cows and/or sheep in the field, there are a few common sense precautions we should take to avoid problems.

1  Do not fly low over any animals, have a lookout to warm you of their presence.  Normal take off and landing approaches should be OK just have an animal awareness.

2  Rotary wing models of all types should avoid over flying the paddock.  If the batteries / motor gives out you can’t glide out so best to just not go there.

3  If you have no choice but to land in the paddock or off the flying strip, pick your landing spot carefully, as far from the beasties as possible.  

If we act carefully we should have no problems.