About Us

Due to the Corona Virus problems we are currently not meeting. We meet on the third Wednesday of every month at the NALGO Club in Westbourne Road, Hartlepool. You can access the car park at the rear from from Marske Street which is off Blakelock Road. All are welcome.

Arrive at around 7.45pm for an approximate 8.00pm start. The formal business of the Club is dealt with by our secretary. Those arriving after 8.30pm usually find that they have missed the meeting!

The rest of the club evening is given over to socialising, discussing the latest hard landings, moaning about the weather and other useful activities.

The flying field near Greatham is doing well although winter access is proving poor as usual, check the flying field page for more information.

The Club year runs from 1st January to 31st December. BMFA fee (check BMFA for current fees) and CAA fee are due at the AGM that takes place on the November meeting. Club members BMFA/CAA fees are paid to the BMFA by the Treasurer unless you are a country member (and how could we forget). Club fees (currently £25) will be due in the March meeting but can be paid earlier if you wish.

Following the November 2019 AGM the newly vacant position of Secretary (thanks to Nic for her 27 year service) wasn’t filled so on a temporary basis Kev is picking up the meetings side and Bob the BMFA contacts side. Thanks to Paul for picking up the BMFA delegate role. There’s just a couple of us running the place at the moment so if you’re not happy about something (so tempting to say ‘Tough’ at this point)  come and do something about it :o)

Current Committee Members 2020

Kevin Hunton Young

Secretary (Temporary)
For Meetings
Kevin Hunton Young

Secretary (Temporary)
For BMFA links
Bob Waugh

Bob Waugh

Welfare Officer
Kevin Hunton Young

BMFA Delegate
Paul Breckon

GDPR Manager (Temporary)
Bob Waugh

Website Updating
Bob Waugh

Club Meeting Dates 2020

Club Meetings currently Suspended due to Corona Virus restrictions.

January 15th 2020

February 19th

March 18th – Club fees due

April 15th

May 20th

June 15th

July 15th

August 19th

September 16th

October 21st

November 18th – AGM + BMFA/CAA fees due

December 16th – Christmas party

January 20th 2021